Miraculous Somawathi Temple

Basking in the Radiance of the Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha

A Glimpse of Somawathiya

Somawathi Chethiya was built in 2nd century BC. According to chronicles, Somawathi Chethiya was built by Prince Giri-aba on the request of his wife Princess Somawathi, a sister of King Kavanthissa, who lived in a small community called "Somapura" on the banks of Mahaveli River.

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Attractions at Somawathiya

Somawathi, the ancient temple of Polonnaruwa has its own great integrity. It bears a history as old as 2300 years by guarding the right tooth relic of Lord Buddha, and frequently surprising people with unexpected emission of bright radiant light from the stupa, is the one of the miraculous incidents that had ever happened in history.

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The Legendary Somawathi Temple denotes the proud and the sacred Sri Lankan Buddhist history

passam manunnasitharansivirochamanam
brahmamarasuranarehi sujujitham tham
vandamaham sugathadakkhinadanthadhathum

This is the official website developed for Somawathi Temple, where the right tooth relic of Lord Buddha resides upon a proposed concept of His Excellency, Maithripala Sirisena for the stability of Buddha Sasana.

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